Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trudging Through the Tundra...

As told by Andrew---

We went to the moon and walked on the solar snow today.  Not really, but we did go for a snowy walk.  I wanted to get my crabbiness about homeschool out before we did our work.  Little did I know that I would want to hitch a ride even before we were half way done.

Mom made it fun by adding in a trip to McDonalds and to get a movie too.  At McDonalds mom blow dried my boots in the bathroom and gave me her dry socks.  I decided that I want mukluk boots like hers because her feet never get cold or wet when we walk.  We ate two orders of french fries; mommy ate the majority of the first order, then I ate most of the second order.  Mom taught me about McGyver when we outfitted my boots with ugly McDs bibs to keep my feet dry.

We ran to the move store being chased by intergalactic space aliens, and looked at the WII games.  The movie I picked out was Star Wars Phantom Menace.  

On our way to the grocery store, we were chased by people wanting us to take surveys, and then we searched all over the grocery store for dry, robotic gloves.  Foiled!

Trudging back over the moon's surface was TERRIBLE!   All our energy was wiped out by the survey and intergalactic chases.  

When we arrived home, wet, cold and dizzy with tiredness, we crashed against our hover bubble couch.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Erin is a Quarter Century!

Erin had her 25th this Sunday...I wonder if she has officially reached an age now where I need to stop announcing her age...we'll call this the last announcement!


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