Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby havin' class

...cause lawsy I don't want to take any baby makin' class!

This past weekend was spent in the company of my friend Lisa, gettin' ready to birth us a baby. I really enjoyed being "the other half" this time out. I only took a childbirth class with Jason, being too young, scared and stupid with Erin's pregnancy and feeling confident enough to skip it with Andrew.

The program was very informative and Lisa and I got to go over a few issues we haven't talked about yet and practice some labor coping techniques. We were there all day Saturday, so I just spent the night at her place and we had such a pleasant evening. We talked and made polymer clay buttons and had a fabulous dinner out. Sunday we had a relaxing morning at home and then headed back to class. It was really hard to see everyone from the class leaving Sunday afternoon and realizing we'd probably never see these folks again, a really sweet group of future parents!

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