Thursday, October 23, 2008

In Case Someday We are Famous

23 days until the wedding.

Scott and I decided to look into writing a book series together. Our audience is the tweens. We worked on character bios last night and this morning I found myself thinking of them as soon as I woke up. Just in case we actually pull this off, and someone actually publishes it...this is when it all started. With Matthew and Abigail begetting Andrew and Hawthorne and Maeve begetting Azurite, and the A to Z spy club in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. For those in the know, yes, our two main characters are based on real kids.

More cute pictures of a little boy:
Scott and I recreated our first date on Monday while Andrew was at homeschool Co-op. We walked around the beautiful Lake Harriet and had coffee at Java Jacks. I sure do love this man!


Javiermorris7 said...

Leah C said...

Looks like a beautiful day to recreate a date. I'm so interested to hear and learn more of your book. I hope you feed us little snippets once in awhile.. like a paragraph once a month. :) Have a great weekend!

latte_grande said...

Beautiful pics, Minda! Can't wait to read your first book, and how cool that the two of you are working on it together! Sounds incredibly romantic..... ::sigh::


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