Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chef Andre

We had a great time yesterday with the extended family. Fun time in the morning with our nephew Danny, and a great time in the afternoon with Erin and Lance.

For dinner we went to Benihana, Lance and Erin's favorite restaurant. Benihana does hibachi style cooking right at your table, and we are hooked! Andrew is so in love with this style of cooking, he came home and began his training to become a Japanese habachi chef. Good times!


Leah C said...

he looks like he's ready to flambe & saute for you!

Lisa said...

Mmmm oishii desu ne!!

Oh good, a career involving knives. Were all of the careers as reptile handlers or moth entomologists taken?

Jan said...

What a cute little chef!!

A little something for you on my blog!

she doesnt get into the music, the music gets into her... said...

how cute!


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