Friday, July 25, 2008

Quick Update

Lots to write about, no time to do it, story of my life.

I haven't told you all about the fun bowling outing with Erin and Lance...and yesterday we had a great time at LumberJack Days in Stillwater, but now I'm prepping to leave for the North Shore in a few hours.

Here is what I do have to update you with before I go.

Andrew has been reading like a son of a gun lately. Yesterday alone he probably hit the books for over 2 hours, and that was squeezed around our day trip to Stillwater. Right now its just Garfield comic books, but he's read three of them, so I'm not gonna complain. Before that he read a book called Tut-Tut and he's been hitting the dangerous book for boys pretty hard too. He set up a little reading fort under my scrapbook table and I'm thrilled. He's close where I can enjoy him while I'm crafting (or staring at the blank page which is lately the case) but he's nice and quiet, except for an occasional giggle.) Heaven!

Here are the process photos of the 2nd Chrysalis being formed. You can see in the second photo that it is still wet. It happened while we were out on a walk yesterday morning. We figure we missed seeing the transformation by a couple of minutes. In the first photo the caterpillar is in the "j" position and you can see its inner juicy greenness ready to burst out. I took this just as we went out the door for our walk, and we were gone about 45 minutes...


latte_grande said...

Wow, how COOL!! Such a lot of work to complete a masterpiece like that in 45 minutes....wonder if your buggie is an overachiever?

Love the shot of Andrew and his reading fort. Just precious. :)

Christine said...

how cool about your catepillar! i love when they read. i will even forgo them having to do their chores if i see them reading!

Nikki said...

Minda, that's so cool that your son reads so much! And how neat he does it in your scrap room while you're creating! Awesome!

latte_grande said...

Sooo....what's new in Minda's world? Any butterfly pics to share? :)


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