Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Photos

Well, the nonhalloween chick tried to do the halloween thing, really I did!

In the AM, Scott took Andrew to a homeschool halloween party while I went and hung out with Lisa and Ben. Ben had two different halloween themed outfits on while I was there, turns out being born in October means cute halloween outfits in spades!
I took a couple of photos and then we decided if he was going to wear a pumpkin outfit he should be shaped like a pumpkin, so five diapers later, he did. And he didn't like it much. Apparently he's already very sensitive about his weight (geez kid, you are skinny as a rail, chill out a bit!)

Then in the evening, because Scott was working, I took Andrew over to Julie, Park and Ronan's house, had dinner with the fam and then we headed out with the neighborhood kids in tow. (One kids mom actually told him she didn't feel like taking him so he just had to go by himself, even I'm not THAT harsh!) By the time we left Andrew was starting to drag. After two houses he wanted to put his coat on. After four he asked me to start carrying his bag and he was leaving his face mask up. Once we finished one block I started convincing him it was time to go home. He fought me four three more houses and then reached for my hand and asked me to take him home. Poor little one, he never even looked at his candy last night and was in bed by 8pm. Today we both laid around alot, and worked on a puzzle and listened to a book on CD. I'm not sure what is up, he says his head hurts...we are keeping a close watch on him.

But since I went along, we have photos for the first time in years! Woo hoo! They are pretty crappy, but hey, at least they exist!

And in other news that scares the crap outta me, MY DAUGHTER IS GETTING MARRIED THIS MONTH! EEK!

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Leah C said...

YAY Munch!! Sounds like Andrew enjoyed himself :) LOVE the photos too.. so proud of you :)


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