Sunday, November 22, 2009

Feeling Wealthy

This is the tough time of year for us. Scott has two jobs really, or two incomes, and the second income stretches pretty well for 10 months, but then the last two months of the year we are down to one income. Unfortunately my job situation also petered out after 10 months also, so we really are down to just the one income. I sure would love to convince the world to move Christmas to mid January. I mean its the absolute worst time of year weatherwise, so why not make that the time for pretty decorations and gatherings? Plus, it takes it out a bit from my favorite holiday, thanksgiving, so the family gatherings aren't all clumped so close together.

But, since I'm unlikely to change the world, Scott and I have asked this year to change the celebrations in our families, and they sweetly agreed. So we'll celebrate Christmas and Andrew's birthday mid January when we actually might have a little money, and now we just need to survive the next 45 days until that money appears. Sounds grim, right?

Well, this week has been a week of little blessings that made it feel much less grim. We had an orchestra concert that was prepaid so we got free quality music. We had beautiful weather so we had lots of time outside, which is totally free. Scott found a way to mix cheap coffee to make it taste as good as the "real" stuff. Mom took me to a photography class in exchange for driving. Andrew had friends over three days and the sound of his happy giggles is worth a million bucks. I also found 9 dessert plates and 3 goblets at the thrift store for under $10 total, and so now we are only five bowls away from being able to serve dinners at our house.

Yes, it was a week of blessings. Six more to go!

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