Friday, December 11, 2009

More Free and Almost Free on this frigid morn.

Tuesday Scott and I went to our free movie, which was okay, but mainly nice to sit next to my honey for 100 minutes! Wednesday night I did some babysitting for a friend and took Andrew along, which means he got a free playdate at their house, and she also had dinner ready for me to make, so we got free dinner!

Yesterday, when I was supposed to be going away for scrapbooking with my mom at a friend's house outside of St. Cloud, I instead got to go scrapbook for 10 hours at Archiver's for free. The trip got cancelled due to my mom's cold and the weather, but Scott was awesome about helping me get to and from the mall. We had a great free walk together as a family (did we really ever think three reps of the mall was a long walk?) and saw some new fun things. Because of the weather, the mall was pretty dead, and I had the beautiful craft room at Archivers to myself! I brought a lunch, which I stored in their little fridge in the craft room, and refilled my water bottle from their cooler. In the cheap category I had a $1 sundae from McD's for dessert and took the time to dig through the tons of .34 paper at Archiver's. I got three pieces of paper that I used that day and another two for an idea I want to try with Andrew for Christmas cards. That and a new bronze ink pad and it was a cheap day with 24 pages completed! I took two more walk breaks throughout the day so I got more exercise, and it was balmy inside, let me tell you!

Tonight a friend is bringing me along to a free craft, wine and cheese night at a local toy store, so another free night out with the grown ups and Andrew gets another playdate.

Off to read our morning Christmas stories to Andrew!

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