Saturday, December 5, 2009

More free and nearly free!

  1. Free hot chocolate and cookies at Borders.
  2. a Free gift for Andrew and a gift to give one of his friends or cousins!
  3. $20 in high quality socks for Andrew, discounted down to $12 and then because I had a $10 off coupon, they cost me only $2
  4. A coupon in the mail for $10 in free merchandise at J.C.Penney's with no minimum purchase amount
  5. A coupon in the mail for $10 off a $16 purchase at ABC Zone.
  6. A package from a scrapbook friend that contained about $10 worth of free paper and stickers from a line I LOVE! Just before I sit down to scrapbook for a week too! Perfect!
  7. Tomorrow its a free classical music concert in the afternoon!

Feeling very blessed indeed today and I think its good for Andrew to see all of the bounty that can come in spite of the lack of funding!

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