Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hey Minda! You're Moving in...

  • ...5 days, whatcha gonna do? Go to a concert and the library in St. Paul

  • ...4 days, whatcha gonna do? Meet friends at Bush Lake Beach for three hours!

  • ...3 days, whatcha gonna do? Take three kids to Lake Harriet for three hours & do some carpooling!

  • ...2 days, whatcha gonna do? Skip school and go to see the new Shrek movie!

  • ...36 hours, whatcha gonna do? Go for a nine mile run in the soup!

  • ...24 hours, whatcha gonna do? Drive to Farmington and spend the day at the Scottish Fair, then go out for dinner!

    Now, do you think my son will remember all that when next week the answer every day is UNPACK? I hope so!

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