Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Beginnings

Sunday, an hour before we moved, our church prayed for this new home to be a marker of new beginnings in our lives. Already, after less than two days there have been so many blessings. Above are some pictures of the outside of the house. Isn't it lovely?
One of the new beginnings is that on the first morning we went out and sat on the patio and had our coffee and woke up together. Andrew joined us a little later and then last night requested that we make it a morning routine. We enjoyed it again this morning, just a half hour between 7:30 and 8am, but a nice way to wake up and have some sweet family time before heading in for our chores and school. I think we are all looking forward to this change!
Probably the nicest new beginning is in Andrew. He has been cheerfully helpful, he's been leaps and bounds more responsible, and it is a thing to behold. Yesterday when we came in from the patio he went to work on his room and got it in tiptop shape, including making both beds to perfection and hanging up his dress clothes.
In the afternoon he had his friend over, and they played in the sprinkler, then hung the towel up on the line, rolled up the hose on to the rocks so it wouldn't kill the grass and put their toys away in the garage, shutting the garage door. What a treat!
We did give him his own key and he loves locking up after us if we leave the house, which is quite helpful, because with three doors I can see myself forgetting to lock one!
Today we start up school again after four days off. I believe we will see even better improvements there!


Breann said...

i adore it. congrats on your new beginnings...you deserve all things great.

Leah's Crafty Life said...

Your home is lovely Minda! I love sipping on coffee outside before anyone is up yet... enjoy your new home, y'all deserve it!!

latte_grande said...

Wow, you have a house! And it's lovely! Sorry I'm so far behind, or I'd have sent you best wishes on your move long ago...can't wait to see more pictures! Miss you! :)


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