Monday, September 29, 2008

The Dress

Another LOAD off my mind. Saturday Lisa and I shopped for a dress for me to wear Erin's wedding. We were headed to MOA Nordstroms, as they had the best selection online, but we passed Macy's first and I said, "Hey, we should give it a try" We headed in and I fairly quickly found two dresses that looked good on the rack, so I marched on in to the dressing room and tried them on. I LOVED the first one and liked the second one, but it was a bit young for me.

It felt a little loose on the top in my size and I knew I needed some sort of jacket or wrap to deal with the straps, so I didn't buy it then. We then spent the next two hours looking at several other stores and I never even got as far as trying anything else on. That is when I began to realize that first dress was "the one."

I really wanted to try it on in a smaller size though, and figured I'd hit the mall again on Monday when the traffic was less of an issue.

I had to prep and teach poetry this afternoon, and sweet Lisa volunteered to call around to the various Macy's to see if anyone had the two sizes I wanted to check. Then after class we headed over to Ridgedale where they had what I wanted. As every girl dreams, the smaller size fit! I was hesitating to buy it, even though I knew it was the only on in the cities, and then I found I could save %20 on it if I opened and then paid off a credit account with them. Since Erin is registered for her wedding there too, I used the discount to pick up her wedding shower gift, and heck, picked up a new commercial coffemaker for us. I saved a bundle and got two of my four major errands done for the wedding. Such a load off my shoulders! Thank you Macy's.

Here is an UNVARNISHED photo of the dress, somebody has a date with some self tanner I think!


latte_grande said...

Wow, Minda, you look absolutely killer! Awesome dress, so glad you were able to get it in your size and pick up some other necessities to boot! :)

Lisa Harman said...

you are going to look stunning on the day..cant wait to see the varnished outcome..


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