Friday, September 12, 2008

We quit homeschooling!

Yes, we were fed up. Although homeschooling year round is only a couple of hours a day we were tired of the fighting and whining and bickering. So, Scott and I talked and we quit!

Instead, Andrew is on his own. We set up a hanging folder for each day of the week he does homeschool, and in each folder we put his work for the day. He has a general skills worksheet he has to before playing or breakfast, and the rest has to be done and signed off on before we leave the house, or by noon, whichever comes first. He can ask for help if he needs it, but mostly he doesn't. We are cautiously blissful about the changes. He doesnt' complain at all and he infact seems to really be enjoying the self direction. WHEW!

On other fronts we also dethatched his room pretty seriously yesterday and came up with some new approaches to improve his eating habits and his sass mouth. A total parenting overhaul you might say!


Christine said...


i'll be interested to see how this turns out. i think it's a good idea.

good luck on the sassiness!

Tami said...

i thought things were going well with mr andrew.....sounds like a good plan to me. keep us posted.

rachel whetzel said...

you had me skurd!! lol

Patti H said...

kids!! Hope it works out for you all

Kristina said...

This is so interesting....I think you're going to enjoy the book I've got for you :)


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