Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So Long Gone...

  • Been working out like a fiend, 16 out of the last 18 days and most of those were two workout days.

  • Watched my cousins win four prizes between the two families at a system wide Library film contest.

  • Had my car in FOUR TIMES to be repaired. The day it seemed we had finally gotten it all working...the electrical system in the FORD started in on us.

  • Had my bike stolen out of the "secure" underground garage. Was told to keep our bikes in our apartment (?)

  • Met my next door neighbor and the neighbors next to them. We've all lived here more than three years and we've never met. LOVE our quiet building! Unfortunately found out mine was not the only bike stolen.

  • Have my eye on a leather couch in the garage. Its taking up space in someone's stall and I'm thinking they might want to part with it. It matches our loveseat...

  • Finished all my "learning coach" tutorials for Andrew's school and found a spot for his textbooks. He completed his first live session today, just a fun craft club to get him used to the technology. Boy is his typing going to improve quickly, those kids can CHAT!

  • Decided to start one more blog to keep a diary on how the Connections Academy process is going for us.

  • Andrew is super excited and taking it very seriously; he took his science textbook with him in the car last night when we were out running errands because he thought it looked so fun!

  • Have not done one scrapbook page in over two weeks...but I'm gonna!

  • Got a new family computer with uber power so Andrew would be all set for school. I love that four hundred bucks buys and uber computer these days.

  • Heard Ben say, "woof, woof", "book", "kiss" and saw him wave goodbye all in one week!

  • Uploaded and backed up all my photos for January through June, 2009. Where has the time gone!

  • Borrowed the truck from Scott Saturday and took Andrew to a short film fest (that he loved) and to the Sculpture Gardens at the Walker. Good times!

  • Forgot to pick Scott up at work at midnight...oops!

  • Here's a coupla short videos of sounds I love...


{raisingAlexis} said...

That is a lot going on, even for your short hiatus!

I wish I could be more productive. Been depressed and therefore have no motivation to do ANYthing.


Tami said...

i wish i was sitting on that bench with Lisa and Ben!


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