Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Photo Tag

A consistent blog reader of mine, Adrienne, tagged me!  I won't continue this on, but I'll play along with her, as I'm a big fan.

The challenge was to go to the photos on my computer, and in the sixth folder pull out the 6th photo on the list.  Of course I don't store photos on my com
puter anymore, but I had just downloaded a folder of circus photos to do some circus pages for Andrew, and so I'll use that folder.

Here is what was in the 6th spot:

Andrew went to a nationally recognized circus school for two years.  We lived right near the tent in which the lessons were given and every year there was a show.  All the instructors were world class former circus performers, most having traveled with shows like Dralion.  Andrew vacillated between totally loving it and being shy and scared.  There were some days we had to practically pry his hands from us and bring him out to the circle, others that he begged to go more than once a week.  This photo was taken during the dress rehearsal for the end of year show.  He did so well and we were super proud of him.


Adrienne said...

Awe, I am glad you posted this! Aren't you happy to have a chance to remember that memory!? :D SCRAP IT! Teehee. Cute story.
Reminds me of when I tried Gymnastics... *sigh*

latte_grande said...

How cool that he got to practice with circus performers!! What a great story to tell future generations....I agree, you MUST scrap it! (Of course, you probably already have, huh?)


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