Sunday, January 11, 2009

Too Much Yes

This  week was my first full week of working (if you can call my dream job working!)  In addition I made a cake, went to a birthday party, stayed away from home one night, wrote a blog post for tally, made six layouts and three cards with the kit for tally, wrote 50 personalized challenges, took Andrew to Mall of America for the evening, and had people over two nights.  It was too much.

I woke this morning and melted down. A combination of not enough down time and not enough sleep and too much yes. This new week will be better.  I will take care of me first so I have reserves for everyone else.  I will say no when I can't.  I will be gentle with myself.

Scott was wonderful this morning talking me down from my ledge and giving me the morning off.  Andrew was great this afternoon snuggling me and just being a happy kid.

And I got one very important task done that I've been putting off since the wedding.  Ahhhh, new starts!


Deanna said...

'No' is such a great word that is too often forgotten. May you remember and practice it well this week!

{raisingAlexis} said...

LOVE the dress layout!

Susan said...

another dream job. I thought you had that when you worked with me. :)



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