Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jason Update and a change

I'm back, after too long of an absence, and I've made a decision.  Scrapbooking is back on Minda's blog!

My reasons are my own, but hopefully even those who follow my blog who don't scrapbook will enjoy the added burst of color.

February brought some big news for my son Jason; he moved into his own apartment!  I cannot stress enough how important a step I think this is, learning how to manage a household on your own and the internal growth that happens when there is no parent keeping you on track...I'm so very proud of him and his growth.  

This week we were invited over to take a peek and he has really started to make it a home.  Of course he has a killer entertainment system, no surprises there, and we quickly got caught up in watching a bluray version of Phantom of the Opera.  Now I see what all the fuss is about!

Anyway, here is a little scrapbook page tribute to this big move for Jason.  For the scrap techies, I used a piece of cardboard, centered and affixed my title letters and then painted the whole thing the same color.  This is a technique I learned from Jen over at, where all my scrappy friends hang out.  Once it was dry I took a brown ink pad and scrubbed it over the title to give it a little more depth, then added some layered pen work and the photos.  Nice and simple!

Erin and Lance are dealing with an out of order bathroom as they deal with a leak and mold issue...yes, in a one bathroom house!  Jason is helping out when he can between starting his new job at the Eagan Little Caesars.

Today is my daddy's birthday, and he just got home from a cruise.  I haven't read mom's whole post about it, but I guess it wasn't their best cruise.  

Thanks for sticking by this blog even with my huge absences, I'll try to refocus here a bit going forward!


Adrienne said...


I heart scrapbooking! LOL
I am glad you are going to put it up on your blog too! :D
Its neat that your son is getting his own place! I want MY own place! LOL. :D

Ashley said...

Omg your son & your "daughter" both moving out at the same time. How can you stand it?!

Madelyn said...

Glad to see you posting again.
Your Mom has a blog???


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