Friday, March 20, 2009

New Work

The first one is a page for my Boston album which I am working on again.  I did a page for a challenge about the time spent at her house and then realized I wanted to do a companion page about her.

I love doing series photos and these in the second page are Andrew on Jesse's pogo stick.  Shortly after these photos were taken, Andrew decided that after four months of saving up for a WII, he was going to take half his saved money ($150) and spent it on toys instead.  Scott and I were understandably happy about that!  One of the toys he picked was his very own pogo stick and then he special ordered a discontinued lego set that he has been wanting for a year.  We've dodged the video game bullet for another year, and are so proud that he made the decision.  


Adrienne said...

Man, I just must have missed your blog for some reason these last few days! :D

Your son's scrap pages are awesome, it is so cool that you have found that way to incorporate school stuff into arty stuff! :D

You're layouts have been fan-freaking-tastic! Beautiful!

Chris said...

I used to LOVE using my pogo stick. I wonder how I would do on one now.

And, aw.... it was my absolute pleasure to host you and Lisa. Wish you guys could come back.


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