Monday, March 9, 2009

Uncle Jack

My Uncle Jack, who is married to my mother's sister, is not doing well these days. Recently he was moved to Our Lady of Good Counsel Hospice Home.

I have little personal knowledge of my Uncle; I'm not sure why but we didn't venture back to Minnesota often as I was growing up and once I moved here personally the connection never formed. It's probably my fault and I'm sad about it. Uncle Jack and Aunt Ginny gave birth to six kids, and my cousins and their children have always fascinated me as they are talented and very real. Of course like any family they have had their share of sadness, but overall they have stayed together and stayed true. I have many photos of my Uncle Jack, but few stories, so I asked my relatives who are on facebook to tell me what they remember. Primarily I'm getting stories from Uncle Jack's grandkids, so I need to do a couple more pages to hold those memories.

I'm counting on my mom for some from the early days. She lived with her sister and husband in her late teens when her parents went on a long vacation (a year? two?) Ginny is 18 years my mom's senior.

Above are some empty pages, awaiting their memories...

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