Friday, July 24, 2009

He's trying to kill me!

Not really. But here is a funny story. On Monday Scott, Andrew and I went kayaking on Hyland Lake. We had a blast and found a new fun family activity. While on the island that is in the middle of the lake, the men explored around for a good 20 minutes, while I took a brief break for some photos and headed back out in my kayak.
When we met back on the beach, Scott had brought me a present. He had collected four kinds of berries which the island was covered in. I looked at each one, named two of them, pondered the other two and then set them on my kayak to take a photo. Eventually out in the middle of the lake I through them overboard.

Tuesday evening, my eye started to swell and by Thursday morning I had familiar pustuals primarily on my left side. I seemed to have contracted poision ivy, but I just hadn't been anywhere I could have gotten it. I thought about the island, but I had stayed on the beach and didn't touch any plants while I was out of my kayak. Very strange. Various friends posited that it was probably mange/scabies delivered from the dog I had helped rescue this weekend. Andrew begin to have symptoms on Wednesday (but of course didn't tell us right away!)

This morning, Scott was praying before he got out of bed and God told him, Blister berry. He thought that was odd, but got up and googled it. Did you know you can get a blister on your finger from using a Blackberry device? He knew that wasn't it and was about to give up. Since I had been so sure it was poison ivy, he looked up poison ivy berries on google and BLAM! up pops the close up photo above with the green pumpkin like berries. One of the two we could not identify in his collection. My, my, my did I have a sad husband when I woke up this morning.

I had a good laugh and found that I was mainly relieved, because I know how to treat that, and I don't need a doctor's intervention.

Plus, I was really tired of that puppy being the blame for everything!


latte_grande said...

Omg, Minda! You have officially scared me out of ever exploring the woods! Or hiking. Or camping. Or tree-climbing. Or going to a circus, but that's for an entirely different reason.
Glad you're okay!

Jan said...

Oh no!!!! Is this any better? I'm so glad I'm not an outdoorsy type of gal!


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