Tuesday, April 7, 2009

At our door

Last night we found out that the lovely next door neighbor boy that we have so been enjoying these last few weeks has been diagnosed with ADHD and will begin medication today.  Of course we are not criticizing the mom's choice...we realize the utter luxury of our opinion, in that we have formed a lifestyle, at great cost, which affords us the right to handle our boy in a different manner.  The child looked worried, but said in the end it will just be like taking his allergy medicine, right?  Every encounter with this approach renews my efforts to continue to find ways to help Andrew learn to focus naturally.  Because you see Andrew exhibits a far higher concentration of ADHD behaviors than this boy...in fact both Scott and I were SHOCKED to hear that he had received such a diagnosis.  Last night I had two nightmares about lost boys...the first about this child, where I was rushing, as one always does in nightmares, to try to save him from some great harm.  Andrew came into my room in the middle of that nightmare and slept with me for an hour because he too was having bad dreams.  Then, later just before dawn I dreamed Andrew was locked inside a school and they would not give him back.  They tricked me into leaving, then wouldn't answer the intercom when I tried to get back in to him.  Rough night...

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