Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When Men Lead the Homeschool

Two days ago I came home from work to see a ducking stool, miniature sized of course, with a victim waiting for sentencing.  I was informed by the nine year old student that the Puritans generally issued this punishment to "scolds", women who spoke in shrewish tones to their husbands.

I was a little concerned, but was assured History was COMING ALIVE through the pages of our chosen text.

Today I came home to this:

Seems witchcraft was on the menu today.

Anyone else noticing a trend toward punishment of women?  Should I be afraid to sleep with my door unlocked tonight? 


Adrienne said...

Hehehe although that stuff is slightly morbid... I love that it is REAL for them! :D

Just stopping by to say HELLO! Miss you already!

Scott said...

Now understand, we didn't make up the guidelines for the punishment, the Puritans did. And notice the plastic "victims" of the devices are both male...the hanging one is a pirate. (The only reason his brain-pan is exposed is because his plastic hairpiece includes a pony-tail that entangles the noose and so was removed!). And the ducking stool was USUALLY used for women, but could also be used for men (drunkards I believe).

latte_grande said...

What?? No guillotine??

PS~I have NO idea what a ducking stool is! It's not fatal, is it? Must google!

{raisingAlexis} said...

omg ... I know it's a real part of history but let's not dwell on those dark times for too many days!


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