Friday, April 3, 2009

Our New Kids

We certainly still are head over heels in love with our three existing children and our surrogate baby Ben, but we have taken on a couple more halflings in the last few weeks.  Right next door to us, Lisa and her kids moved in last September, and of course thanks to the evil winter, we really didn't see them much.  Then a few weeks ago the kids met up outdoors and we've totally adopted them ever since.

Kgirl and Kboy, are the kinda kids you DREAM of having as next door neighbors.  They are funny and polite and responsible and they both LOVE Andrew and hanging out with us.  We play games, make cookies, go for walks and fight over the computers.  They help with the dishes and cleaning Andrew's room.  Their dad lives a few miles away, so when its his weekend we miss them like crazy.

We've noticed an improvement in Andrew's attitude toward school, and we just goll darn enjoy them.

Today we took a little after school walk at Centennial Lakes and tried out the new extended parkway.  FUN!

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