Friday, April 10, 2009

Online Learning Links

A LONG time ago a friend asked me for a list of websites related to learning that we allow Andrew to play on.

I woke up at 4:30am feeling fully rested, so I squeezed that in during class planning for today.

Thought there might be someone else out there in the world that I know that might appreciate these, so I'm adding them here.

Scott and I believe that the internet and computers are an important tool for the future and we happily include alot of internet time in our daily lessons.
I mainly use this on Fridays, which I try to make a little more fun and free, and he likes the online setting over paper drills.

Another site where the math games come in handy.
we use this one for printing and practicing multiplication and division drills right now as we are finishing up with these two.

The jeapordy games on this site are probably Andrew's favorite game online.  Especially because I play carelessly and he therefore often beats me!

Okay, enough about Math!

We used this one this week for our art class...he played it twice on his own time since then.  We also cut out and colored our own color wheel as an activity for art class last week.

This is a fun one for mixing words and art!  I have him type in our vocabulary list for the week, or a story he wrote, and then we let it make it into a colorful piece of art

Another beautiful one for a calming art class, I let him explore around with his mouse for awhile, then ask him questions like, which is your favorite image, write down four animals you saw when exploring, where do you think these pictures were taken...stuff like that

We've used some of the astronomy and geography quizzes on here

Another free quia game that works on irregular verbs, he LOVES this!

We've only done a couple of these, but we will be adding them all in over the summer as we work exclusively on improving his handwriting and spelling.

Okay, this is the mother lode!  Andrew absolutely loves this game and shows it to all his friends when they come over.  I bet I've assigned it once for homeschool and he's played 20 times!  Its WAY above his level in terms of some of the questions, but he learns as he goes and loves the stretch of it.  What really draws him in are the graphics I think.  (I love playing it with him too, so lovely!)  They have other games, but he hasn't really been drawn in by them as much.

keyboard and drum related online fun

here are some others that I approve of for his free time, but we don't use them in school:

Andrew has outgrown this one, but he LOVED it when he was 5:

And of course  I like this because some of the games are skills based, and I like seeing the choices he makes about spending his money, taking care of his pets and such.  He also does some chatting on here, which I watch carefully, but it gets him typing!

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