Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gravity and Scrapping

For my very own Easter basket I bought a jump rope, which I've been craving to do lately, and a bike pump.  Don't I sound healthy!  Thing is, 45 year old women who have had 3 near 10 pound babies should NOT jump rope...still I'm stubborn and will make gravity my friend!

Lisa came over this evening and we scrapped.  Felt good to get back on that horse.

I'm going to try storing my layout images somewhere new.  Its a place where I can make them private or not, and more importantly I can sort them into albums.  Another cross reference tool, because when you scrap three to four hundred layouts a year its hard to remember what you've done and what you've just dreamed about doing!  I don't want to get involved with another scrap community, because if I had time for that I'd be back at tallyscrapper, so basically I'll be making them private.

I will post them all here though, for my family and friends viewing.

And here are tonight's efforts.

I already blogged about this little adventure.  Love Scott's style of teaching!

A more recent addition to our homeschool group, this guy is so cool and handy and doesn't seem to mind helping out with the younger kids who all look up to him.

Andrew has been saying murff nearly constantly for the last few days.  Its what a character in the 39 clues book series says (a cat of course!)  So this layout about his funny birthday cake had to record this little verbal idiosyncrasy for sure!

Our neighbors are away at their dad's this weekend, which gave me some time to scrap some of the pictures I've taken of them!  

A fav of mine for the evening.  Just a silly way to record our Easter egg decorating for the year.  This is styled after Leachy, who always makes such bright and happy layouts.

This is way cute in person, the photos and paper got muddy in this evening light.  Just a simple little layout about Ben's ongoing development.

Again, colors way off in the photo.  I love this photo of A and K walking and talking together at the park.  I hope their friendship stands the test of time, because it seems like a very postive one.


Kristina said...

hmm....I can't seem to find the tallypoints button...SO... I guess I'll just tell you that my favs are the Easter egg lo for your awesome grass technique...and Bean Green...for the killer title! MAX points to ya lady....and I miss seeing you around :)

Leah Crowe said...

Man, when you scrap you crank 'em out!! I love them all! Totally geeked about the egg layout, that grass is awesome! Hope you and the fam had a wonderful Easter.

Shan said...

I love Bean Green title. I love the humor of the when men teach history page (perfect little vintage book page). And the addendum regarding salt is perfection. Love seeing your work! Love you.


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